The head conference


I’m a Microsoft guy. I really like tapping into Silverlight and WPF technology and I’m starting to get cool things working up with them (I’ll prep some demos soon). Anyway, I still am an Adobe Flash/Flex admirer. And this truly began in 2005, when Silverlight still didn’t exist; I was following the Flex trail when I attended the Spark Europe Flash Event in Amsterdam. I was definitely impressed with the quality of the content and above all by the people who presented their stuff with so much passion. This year, one of these guys, Aral Balkan, a top-notch Flash specialist, an extremely pleasant and forthcoming guy that I had the pleasure to meet back again in 2007 at the lift conference in Geneva, and who launched the open source flash initiative (back in 2005 also), launched the amazing head web conference. 3 days online, with the best specialists not only on Flash technology, but on the Internet in general. What was really awesome ? It was truly interactive; you could chat in real time not only with the other attendees, but also with the speaker her/himself and have the unique chance to ask your question to the best of the bests. 5 stars.

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